Welcome to Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK)

Welcome to VPK

Thank you for your interest in the Voluntary Prekindergarten (VPK) Program.

This is an exciting opportunity for parents/guardians of four year old eligible children.

Family Central is committed to helping you with this decision every step of the way.

Please note- the Child must be registered in the county which the child will be attending a VPK school.

Reenrollment of a VPK Child:

There are specific rules regarding the reenrollment of a child from one VPK program to another VPK program.

Limit of One (1) Reenrollment: Children enrolled in VPK are allowed only one reenrollment with a VPK provider.

Substantial Completion: If a student has been enrolled in a VPK program for more than 70% of the instructional hours for the program, the child does not qualify to reenroll in another VPK program.

Please select from the following locations:

Broward County VPK   

VPK Home Page - For Parents/Guardians 

VPK Home Page - For Providers

Palm Beach County VPK 

VPK Home Page - For Parents/Guardians 

VPK Home Page - For Providers