Broward VPK Program

This is an exciting opportunity for parents/guardians of four year old eligible children.

VPK Program Information

Registration for School Year 2014 - 2015 is in progress - Children are eligible if born between 09/02/09 - 09/01/10

The child must be registered in the county in which the child will be attending a VPK school. 


 VPK Provider Lists


VPK Enrollment Procedure

Parents/Guardians are required to open an on line VPK account, complete an application and upload the proper documents.  Once the application is reviewed, parents will receive the VPK certificate via e mail. 

The parent/guardian will then be able to take the Certificate of Eligibility to an approved VPK community-based school or to an approved public school. The parent/guardian will submit the Certificate of Eligibility to the provider selected. Both parent/guardian and the provider sign in the appropriate places on the Certificate of Eligibility to indicate that the child has been enrolled in that school.  

E-mail our VPK staff  or call the VPK line at 1-866-YOU-4-VPK (1-866-968-4875)


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