Promoting and sustaining the early learning opportunities that are so important to prepare children for success in school.

C-QuELL (Community for Quality Early Learning and Literacy) is a unique initiative that highlights the fundamental role of early childhood programs in promoting quality of life, well-being, economic growth and sustainable development of communities. The city of Sunrise has partnered with Family Central to pioneer this approach that integrates businesses, faith-based organizations, educational institutions, community programs, child care centers, and parent leaders. Together, they are proving that the best path to a successful city is ensuring that all children reach their full potential.

Every moment in a young child’s life can be a teachable moment exposing him/her to new words and ideas in meaningful ways; nurturing relationships with adults and other children; learning how to problem solve and communicate feelings; building resilience, and encouraging  exploration of the child’s world.  Early learning is the integration of all those multiple experiences.  Everyone in Sunrise is part of the early learning community. This community includes child care and VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten), home and families, parks and libraries, businesses, and community institutions.

When a young child is nurtured and encouraged to explore their own world, they develop a healthy, fully-functioning brain - like the one shown on the left. Unfortunately, a child who's neglected or abused is more likely to develop a brain like the one shown on the right - lacking connections and activity. 

Building Brains Builds Communities

Champoining early learning is in our best interest as a community. Healthy, well-adjusted children who love to learn have the building blocks for success in the classroom, on the playground and, ultimately, in the workforce. They are more likely to graduate high school, be employed, and contribute to society. They are less likely to repeat a grade, be involved in the juvenile and criminal justice systems, become a teen parent, or be a substance abuser. Time and money invested in early learning initiatives translate to fewer dollars needed for law enforcement and healthcare. 

Here's what you can do for your preschool-aged child and your community:
  • Read to your child every night.
    • Ask questions about the story.
    • Ask for your child's opinion.
    • Ask your child to predict what comes next. 
  • Have dinner with your child and have conversations while you eat.
    • Talk about the food and how it is made. 
    • Explore textures, tastes, smells and colors.
  • Ask your child about his/her day.
    • Don't ask simple yes/no questions, instead use open-ended questions like:
      • What was the best part of your day? 
      • Who helped you today?
      • What was the hardest thing you did?
  • Sign up for Ready Rosie or Vroom
  • Share this information with other parents, grandparents and caregivers you know. 


For more information, please contact Mark Gross at mgross@familycentral.org or call 954-724-3894.


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For more information, contact C-QuELL’s Community Engagement Specialist. Leigh-Ann Dawes at 954-724-4629; or email ldawes@familycentral.org

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