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Birth Through Five Florida Child Care Professional Credential (FCCPC) Training Program


1. Valid photo I.D.:  Candidate must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Child Care Transcript with the 45 Hr. State Mandated Childcare Training completed.  This can be found on the MyFlorida.com website.

3. Original High School Diploma or GED obtained from institutions accredited and recognized by U. S. Department of Education and submit documentation as proof. High school diplomas issued by private schools that are registered with the Florida Department of Education will also be accepted. If a high school diploma is earned outside the U. S., it must be translated by someone who is a member of the American Translators Association, an approved credential evaluation agency approved by the Bureau of Educators Certification, or an accredited college/university.

4. Employer Verification Letter: At least 400 hours employed or volunteering in a child care setting which must be verified in writing on company letterhead. See guidelines here.

*Be prepared to upload copies of these documents to be reviewed with your registration form below.  You may also download the registration form, complete the hard copy and email or fax all documents to Family Central Training Academy.  Email: fci-tacademy@familycentral.org or FAX: (954) 724-4082.

For more informatin, please contact our office at (954) 724-3850 or email us with your questions. 


Registration Fee: $50 non-refundable

Textbook Fee: $110 non-refundable

Tuition Fee$1,375

Payment Plan: 5 payments of $275 or 8 payments of $153 and 1 payment of $151 (depends on the length of the course you're enrolled in)

T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship Program: Funded by the Florida Office of Early Learning provides scholarships for early care educators to work towards earning your FCCPC credentials in early childhood education.

Apply online at https://login.thechildrensforum.com/teach/landing

The Florida Department of Children and Families Birth Through Five Credential Training Program (FCCPC) The FCCPC Birth Through Five is a DCF training program that consists of a minimum of 120 hours of early childhood instruction and 480 contact hours with children ages birth through eight (8) and at least two (2) methods of formal assessment that offers two (2) areas of certification; "Birth Through Five (formerly the department approved CDA Equivalency training programs)".  The Birth Through Five Child Care Credentials (FCCPC, ECPC, and CCAC) must be renewed every five years. 

The Florida Child Care Credential program was developed to offer more availability and accessibility of training programs to meet the diverse needs of child care providers throughout the state. The Florida Child Care Credential is recognized in the State of Florida. The Florida Child Care Credential certificate can be obtained by attending and graduating from an approved Florida Child Care Credential training program such as Family Central Training Academy.

Course Objectives

  1. Recognize the role of a preschool teacher, and identify the various tools they use to enhance their teaching skills with their own style.
  2. Learn the important elements of a lesson plan to create a meaningful experience that will enrich the learning outcomes of every child.
  3. Describe the importance of family engagement and explain the impact on the classroom.
  4. Identify the requirements necessary to obtain the Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ and prepare a plan to meet those requirements. 

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PROPRIETARY INTEREST DISCLOSURE Family Central, Inc. does not support, condone, or encourage the departments offering training events, to contract with instructors who may have a commercial interest in any products or services mentioned during the course of the event. Such departments are highly advised and encouraged to utilize the training skills and knowledge of current employees throughout the agency. As much as possible, training materials should be generic in nature. Materials provided free of charge by the Agency for Workforce Innovation, Department of Children and Families, Department of Health, Department of Education, or other such related governmental agencies or non-profit organizations, should be utilized. The Training Academy Manager or department Program Administrator is responsible for approving all training content and materials. Should the training reference a specific product, material, instrument, or service, the Training Academy Manager or Program Administrator is accountable for ensuring that the instructor either has no proprietary interest or makes a full disclosure. Family Central, Inc. reserves the right to dismiss any instructor who fails to make a full disclosure regarding proprietary interest with regards to any aspect of a training event. In the unlikely event that an instructor does have proprietary interests and is still contracted to conduct a training or workshop, this information will be communicated to prospective participants prior to the start of the program through promotional avenues. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 1. Your space in the class is not guaranteed without this form and payment. Please make payment to Family Central Training Academy at the above address. DO NOT MAIL CASH! Mail-in registration must be received by date above. Family Central, Inc. will not be responsible for lost or delayed documents. It is the responsibility of the participant to call and verify receipt of registration. If the class is full, you will be notified. Registration fees are non-refundable. Save receipt for proof of payment. Money orders, credit cards or company checks only! No personal checks please! 2. Children, friends and family members are not permitted in any training session. Only paid participants are allowed in class. Please read handbook for all course policies. Handbook will be reviewed on the first night of class. 3. For more information on trainings, call Training Academy Hotline (954) 724-3957. 4. Participants must be able to read, write and speak English. I hereby acknowledge that the information I am sharing with Family Central Training Academy can and may be shared with state and local agencies for the purpose of seeking scholarship dollars.
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