Miami-Dade Family Services

Family Services

This intensive, short term family stabilization program is funded by Our Kids, Inc. and serves families at high risk for abuse and/or neglect. Mental health professionals provide home/community based services and assist with needed referrals to ensure child safety and family stabilization. Referrals are only accepted from Our Kids at this time.  For more information please contact Wendy Salomon at 305.749.8611

Home Instruction for Parents of Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY)

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Funded by the Children’s Trust, this weekly home-based literacy program teaches parents to be the primary educators of their children. This program serves parents of three, four and five year olds and assists in getting their child ready to enter kindergarten.   For more information please contact Diana Palacios at 305.749.8616

Nurturing Parenting Program for Parents

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Children Ages Birth to 11
This is a “best practice” Parent Education program funded by the Children’s Trust. The program aim is to enhance parent/child relationships.  Services are delivered either in a group setting in classes of 15 (ages 5-11) or 24 (birth – five) sessions each or in the home of the parent. The intent of this program is to increase the strength and stability of the family, to increase parents’ confidence and competence in their parenting abilities, to afford children a stable and supportive family environment and otherwise to enhance child development. For more information please contact Claudia Lear at 305.749.8603

For more information on any of these programs or general inquiries, please call 305.749.8600 

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