Thank you for your interest in joining the Family Central Training Academy Trainer Cadre. For more information about becoming a trainer for the Training Academy, contact Crystal Swinton


Minimally, candidates must:

  • 1. Completed a college degree from an accredited institution
  • 2. One year of professional development training
  • 3. Demonstrate experience or expertise in the contracted subject area

How To Become Part of the Trainer Cadre

1. Complete the Trainer Application below.

2. Submit a resume.

3. Submit relevant certifications. 


Applicants of interest will be interviewed.  If approved, the applicant will become a consultant in the Family Central Training Academy Trainer Cadre.


Should a training need arise within a cadre member’s area of expertise, the Training Academy will contact the individual and ask for a Training Proposal. It will be reviewed, and if meets the IACET Standards, demonstrates the ability to utilize adult learning principles, and best aligns with what we are seeking, the Training Academy will subcontract with the Trainer.

Trainer Information

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Training & Facilitation Experience

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